"Plans for 374 bedroom Aparthotel in Colindale given go-ahead"

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“Despite the building being larger, slightly wider and higher it now has a more interesting design and because of the natural materials it is more sensible.”


Secretary of State Eric Pickles and his Localism Bill

Department of Communities Press Release, but summary is below

Builders forced to avoid 'Rabbit Hutches'?

Mayor Boris Johnson has ordered housebuilders to stop erecting rabbit hutches. Housing minister Grant Shapps has told them to carry on.

Is a delicious row about to break out between the Mayor and the minister? Sadly not: what Boris says goes in London and what Shapps says counts for naught, said a spokeswoman for the Mayor.

The minimum space standards being introduced in London next April mean that new homes in the capital may well be 20% to 40% larger than any new boxes stuck up in the minister's constituency of Welwyn Hatfield. Serves him right if the voters complain.

Courtesy of Brent Cross Coalition. Extracted from here.