Barnet Times (2009): Matthew Offord's £11-million overspend - yet the Barnet video says it was on-budget!

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"THE project to replace a railway bridge in Colindale has run almost two times over budget, costing the tax payer an extra £11 million, it has emerged."

"The work to replace two 19th century bridges on Aerodrome Road was estimated to cost £12 million, but Barnet Council papers reveal that the cost has now climbed to more than £23 million.

"The rising cost has forced the council to apply for additional Government funding to complete the work, which is five months behind schedule, putting additional pressure on the public purse."

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Barnet Times: "Mayor of London tells GLA member for Barnet Andrew Dismore to 'stop attacking councillors' reputations'"

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"An agitated Boris Johnson ordered Barnet GLA member Andrew Dismore to 'stop endlessly attacking councillors' reputations' during a meeting of the London Assembly.

"The outburst came after Mr Dismore told Mr Johnson about how Barnet Mayor Hugh Rayner is under investigation for acting 'illegally' towards tenants living in the properties he owns.

"In addition to charging above market rates, Cllr Rayner failed to declare his interest in housing during council meetings and did not join the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme."