Vickim57 blog: "Colindale - can you feel the rhythm? Or do you need someone to take your pulse?"

"These figures are taken from Barnet council's "State of the Borough report":
"Already London’s most populous borough, with 349,800 residents in 2011 ...The Barnet population is projected to grow by 5.5 per cent over next five years – an increase of 19,400 people."
And they are all going to live in Colindale.*

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* This is a slight exaggeration, for comic effect, but only slight. These are the figures: Colindale (+10,900), Golders Green (+7,300), Mill Hill (+2,000) and West Hendon (+1,900)."

The Guardian: "Who can afford Boris Johnson's new affordable housing?"

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"The mayor of London's housing advisor was right to bang the drum for investment in affordable housing on the Guardian housing network last week. But it's a curious message to deliver on the day that the government announced its package of barely affordable homes using a grant cut by two thirds.

"The mayor made his manifesto commitment to deliver 50,000 affordable homes in three years on the back of a £3.7bn affordable housing grant. To put this in context, even if the mayor had met this target (moving the goalpost by a full year) that wouldn't have been enough to meet the pressing need for social housing."


Mr Reasonable: Wasted planning money in north Barnet

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"Last year plans for the redevelopment of Brunswick Park Hub were hastily put forward.

"... One thing I was still unclear about was how much this has cost Barnet Council taxpayers. I still don’t know the full extent of the costs but as part of my audit investigation I have unearthed a bill from Elevate Partnership for £299,269 who worked on the design of the scheme. So much money for absolutely no return."