The Guardian: "First-time buyers may be the losers in shared equity scheme"

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"The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) claims that government interventions in the housing market 'make another lost decade of market stagnation more likely'.

"But the IPPR says the biggest beneficiaries have been large housebuilders, which have used the scheme to sell an oversupply of properties, particularly one- and two-bedroom city centre apartments, at a time when house prices have been falling. The result is that the government has in effect propped up weak housebuilders."


Barnet Eye web site: Shoppers 'forced' from high streets to Brent Cross

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"Councillor Brian Coleman, Conservative candidate for the GLA, chose the run-up to Christmas to abolish 'Pay and Display' parking."

"One local trader who I know yesterday described Coleman as 'The grinch who stole Christmas'. In the coming year, I predict many small shops will cease trading. The boarded-up shops will be a testament to Coleman and his incompetence."


RAF Museum: "Barnet's Finest - RAF Museum London Event"

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7 July 2012 - 8 July 2012  ("More details to follow.")

"A weekend of events dedicated the best that the London Borough of Barnet has to offer the local community in terms of businesses, advice and entertainment. 

"Details are currently being finalised, but activities will include concerts, family fun plus seminars for business owners or members of the local community looking to set up their own businesses."