Following recording ban of 'Colindale Area Action Plan' decisions, is this openness at last?

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"Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles said today:
"Local Government Minister Bob Neill has written to all councils, urging greater openness and calling on them to adopt a modern day approach, so that credible community or 'hyper-local' bloggers and online broadcasters get the same routine access to council meetings as the traditional accredited media have.

"The letter sent today reminds councils that local authority meetings are already open to the general public, which raises concerns about why in some cases bloggers and press have been barred."


Barnet Times: "Resident Nick Poullora takes parking fine campaign to Barnet Council"

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"Angry Colindale residents are taking their fight against parking tickets to Barnet Council tonight, in a bid to get their money refunded:

"We've been parking like this for years, and it hasn't caused a problem – but now the council have targeted us to make money."


More on-site green jobs in Colindale?

Director of Planning quits control of Colindale - and everywhere else!

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Director for Planning, Environment and Regeneration
Location: Barnet, North London

Colindale and the Campaign for Clean Air in London

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"His frustrations with the Labour government over its failure to act has been compounded by the Tory-led coalition. He believes it attempted to 'mislead' the European Commission in September, on the scale of breaches on dangerous particles, known as PM10s."


The Economist: Secretary Of State Eric Pickles's 'Localism Agenda'?

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"The lowest tier of government in London is its 32 borough councils, serving an average population of around 250,000. But activists are hoping to set up new representative bodies, at a much more local level."


Barnet Times: "Residents in Mill Hill call meeting for showdown with Saracens over Copthall stadium plans"

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"Dozens of people living around the stadium in Mill Hill are expected to attend the two-hour forum on 15 February, aimed at talking through a range of issues."


Evening Standard: "Boris Johnson recruits troubleshooter for the suburbs"

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"The Mayor has asked Tory Bexley council leader Teresa O'Neill to help him tackle problems with housing, transport and employment in the outer boroughs."