Barnet Times: "Exhibition of sport in the RAF opens in Colindale"

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"Colindale’s Royal Air Force Museum will open its latest exhibition tomorrow.

"From 22 March until 20 September, the museum will display a free exhibition on sports in the RAF."

Barnet Times: "Three hundred new homes for Barnet"

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"The borough’s Beaufort Park development [has been] announced as one of the successful bidders assessed by the Homes and Communities Agency.

"The news follows an announcement earlier this year that £5million has been allocated for a massive 3,000 home regeneration project in Grahame Park, Colindale."


Out-Law: "Barnet Council consults on proposed single flat rate Community Infrastructure Levy"

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"Barnet Council has published its preliminary draft Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule for consultation.

"The preliminary draft states that 'the council has ensured that it is a rate affordable for all viable development proposals brought forwards' whilst recognising that this will secure, overall, a lower rate than under section 106 legal agreements, 'but sees this as its contribution towards ensuring growth in new housing can continue in Barnet'.


Barnet Times: "Outrage as housing association fells trees"

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"The systematic destruction of ancient oak trees by Genesis Housing Association has outraged a Colindale woman.

"As part of the Grahame Park Redevelopment Scheme, Genesis has spent the last few days removing trees from Grahame Park Way. Sandhya Rahi, a freelance film-maker from nearby Beaufort Park, is distraught by the loss of these ancient landmarks."


The Independent: "5% deposits bid to aid homebuyers "

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"The NewBuy scheme is forecast to help as many as 100,000 people locked out of the property market by heralding the return of 5% deposits rather than the 20% typically demanded by lenders since the credit crunch.

"But Jonathan Samuels, chief executive of Dragonfly Property Finance, said the scheme 'smacks of desperation', adding:
"The property market will come back when it is ready to come back, and schemes like this are mere tinkering around the edges. If the Government thinks this scheme will kickstart the property market, then it is in Cloud Cuckoo Land."


Evening Standard: "City house prices 'rise six-fold'"

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"House prices in Truro, Westminster, Edinburgh and Brighton have seen at least a six-fold rise in the last 25 years, a study of the UK's top-performing cities has found. 

"House prices in cities have typically risen from £35,209 in 1986 to £169,707 in 2011 according to the survey, which used Halifax's housing statistics database, still putting them slightly below the UK average house price of £172,427 last year."