Andrew Dismore AM: "Overdevelopment in Colindale designed on back of an envelope"

"[Answers from the Mayor regarding the Peel Centre] show just how little thought has been given to the continuing over-development in Colindale, which will see another 10,000 homes being built. But that is not the end of the story.

"Mayor Johnson has identified Colindale as a key 'Opportunity Area', but has not considered the consequences before doing so. In addition to the Peel Centre site, we now know that Barnet College is closing its Grahame Park way site, with the intention of more homes, 'the Pulse' site behind Colindale station has permission for yet more homes, and the British Library site is not going to be far behind.

"The answers from the Mayor show that there is little thought given to the essential infrastructure required: health, transport, utilities, roads, leisure facilities, or education. For example: the proposed three-form primary school is needed already and what about secondary schools? The tube station is overcrowded at busy times, now. Residents need GPs now. Discussions may be going on, or being planned, but that is too little, too late. These vital issues should have been worked out beforehand, not as afterthoughts.

"And it is clear that the council and the Mayor do not give two hoots for the existing and long-standing residential community, whose needs and rights are seen as an inconvenient irrelevance by the Conservatives."

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