LB of Brent: "Burnt Oak, Colindale and The Hyde regeneration"

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"Burnt Oak/ Colindale, once home for a very important community focal point, Oriental City/ Yaohan Plaza, is one of the five growth areas in Brent.

"It is identified as a growth area for around 2,500 homes, on sites arranged along the axis of Edgware Road (A5).

"All those new developments in the Growth Area when complete will improve the area immensely and bring in new jobs. However, they should not be looked at in isolation with the rest of the Burnt Oak and The Hyde Town Centres.

"We endeavour to maximise the results of inward investment and ensure the new developments help revitalise and do not threaten the existing town centres.

"With the A5 corridor marking the boundary between Brent and Barnet, there are opportunities for both boroughs to work closely to transform the area together."

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