Colindale Peel Centre developer Redrow pulls American Psycho themed promo video, amidst Twitter backlash

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"[Peel Centre hopeful] house-builder Redrow has canned an American Psycho themed promo-video flogging luxury apartments in the deprived London borough of Tower Hamlets, after being hit by a social media backlash.

Starring a suited model the 100-second clip follows a day in the vacuous life of a city office worker before he returns to his apartment to collapse in bed accompanied by a ludicrously over-the-top voiceover.

"The narrator intones: 'Yes, they say nothing comes easy,' he growls. 'But if it was easy, then it wouldn’t feel as good. To look out at the city that could have swallowed you whole and say "I did this". To stand, with the world at your feet.'

"Twitter users immediately criticised the beyond-satire piece for inadvertently highlighting the detachment from reality of the rich in the capital, with the penthouse in question currently on the market for £4m."

Redrow London Luxury Development Promo from Patrick Bateman on Vimeo.

"There are even theories as to why the advert’s… ‘protagonist’ uses
an old-style Nokia, when the rest of the film seems set in 2015"
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