Unite: "Blood transfusion service in [Colindale] faces strike action, as flood exposes management plan"

We want the future of Colindale safeguarded,
as well as the centres at Filton and Manchester."
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"Blood transfusion test results will be hit by strike action over the threatened closure of the blood testing centre at Colindale in north London. The strike is set for Wednesday 10 October until Friday 12 October.

"The situation has taken a new twist by the fact the blood centre at Filton, near Bristol, which is meant to take up the slack when Colindale closes, has been shut for a week because of the recent heavy rain.

"... Unite members at Colindale’s NHS Blood and Transplant Testing (NHSBT)/ Microbiology Department will be striking again on Wednesday 24 October until Friday 26 October, after they voted by over 90 per cent for strike action, if the dispute cannot be resolved."

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